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Festival Groeneveld is a versatile festival with a lot of classical music, as well as contemporary and jazz. In addition to music, the festival offers ample space for couture, dance, art, workshops, presentations, food trucks and stalls.
The Festival takes place both indoors and outdoors at Groeneveld Castle in Baarn.

Festival Groeneveld is an annual event, with a tailor-made appealing theme every year:

2021 - The Roaring Twenties

2022 - Nature - Green Sounds

2023 - Hidden Pearls 

2024 - Music and Science

Artistic Director: violinist Anastasia Kozlova

When creating music programs for concerts and festivals, Anastasia, armed with her musicality, passion and ability to create a "talking" violin sound, seeks the connection between music and art, poetry, history, movement or science. By combining music with other disciplines, she explores new ways to bring music closer to our experience. Her wish is to involve her audience in the concert and to enrich the listeners, to take home something almost tangible. Her hunger for knowledge, desire to leave a mark and search for spiritual deepening results in creative interpretations of both well-known and little-known music, in ordinary and unusual settings. ​


"I believe that music is bigger than sound alone, connecting pieces of music with stories gives us the ability to feel music in almost 3D perception. We can't touch it, but our brains can make it tangible and even tasteful, and that are the connections I always look for. I want my audience to have a meaningful experience during my concerts, almost spiritual. When I work on a piece, I look for the meaning of each note, for the ultimate sound on the instrument and bring I almost speak of that on the violin The color palette in the violin sound is almost endless, and by letting each sound reach your soul, a unique interpretation can be awakened The more interesting persons we are, the way we can be open _d04a07d8-9cd1 -3239-9149-20813d6c673b_​for knowledge makes us better musicians."

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Festival Groeneveld offers space for a relaxed festival in which quality performances and inspiration come together in a special environment. The visitor will experience beautiful moments and take home memories. 

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A real festival is versatile. Classic is far from boring. It lends itself perfectly to combining with other disciplines. 

Come and discover for yourself!

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