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Due to unfavorable weather forecast, the entire festival will take place inside the castle.

Adjusted schedule can be found here, program remains unchanged.

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PROGRAM SUNDAY 10:00-18:00
Presentation: Ab Nieuwdorp

Ab Nieuwdorp is a true specialist in the field of classical music and is a radio presenter at NPO Radio 4, where he is the permanent presenter of De Classics.
Besides the love for music, he also has a love for the English language and culture in general. Nieuwdorp therefore chooses to study Tuba at the Royal Conservatory and English at Utrecht University. Later, Ab also teaches at the University of Bristol and is accepted into the symphony orchestra.

His English-oriented taste has now developed into that of a classic omnivore - from Middle Ages to Minimal and Palestrina to Pärt. Mahler, Pettersson and Bruckner.

Ab: “There is still so much to discover! And discovering that, being surprised and overwhelmed, is now a beautiful part of the work that I do"

10:00 am

Emine Bostanci - Tony Overwater

Sound of Silence


Nature is never far away in the music of this new duo. They take their inspiration from the whispering of the wind, the rustling of the trees and the waves of the sea. The starting point is the silence, from there the music develops organically and associatively. The environment plays a part in the music, as it were. The instruments used by Emine and Tony are the early predecessors of the violin and double bass. The kemençe by Emine Bostanci is a knee violin from the Turkish music tradition. Tony Overwater's violone is the 6-string predecessor of the double bass. The instrument is an exact copy of the original from 1520 and is called Faunus; The faun who in Greek mythology is part human, part animal and part plant. 

Water Sprites
Music and spectacular dance with bamboo sticks
Lumen Napolov-2.png
Lidy Blijdorp - cello
Peter Verduyn Lunel - flute
Lestari Scholtes - piano

Maria Blaisse & Loura Sita van Krimpen - bamboo art and dance
Yoga Jazz -
Sound of Silence
Overwater & Bostanci

A program in which water is central, culminating in Vox Balanae by George Crumb. It is such a special work! It is inspired by whale sounds. 

'Water Sprites' by Amy Beach

Ocean Shells by Kate Moore

The Six Faces of Fuji by Sigtenhorst Meyer and much more

"As a designer, I have been working with bamboo for 15 years.

The flexibility of bamboo is of a moving beauty.

In "Stories for Ocean Shells" by Kate Moore, the bamboo structures are brought to life through dance.

A continuous metamorphosis ..

The music and the bamboo shapes flow into each other." -  

Mary Blaisse

Nature & Music

Arjan Postma - forester, author, speaker.

Studied history, but soon found out that he actually preferred to be outside. He became a forest ranger for the Noord-Holland Landscape. For years he did his job with great pleasure, but gradually his activities changed. He spent more time in the office than outside. He chose to become a freelance forester. This allows him to do what he really likes: being outside and providing information. Arjan is full of stories about nature. Stories he has collected over the years during his work as a forest ranger and on excursions. Arjan's knowledge of nature can now be called phenomenal. There is hardly any subject in Dutch nature that Arjan has not studied in depth.

Arjan is a great lover of classical music.

Presentation - Fons de Poel

Journalist, program maker, presenter, columnist and writer. 

Fons de Poel has been at the top of Dutch television journalism for decades. Starting out as a writing journalist, over the years he was successively international reporter, presenter and editor-in-chief of KRO's Brandpunt, later founder and presenter of the daily news and background program Netwerk, a partnership he established between the current affairs sections of KRO, NCRV and AVRO.

He was also the creator/editor/presenter of Reporter, an investigative journalism program that launched revelations over the years.

He has also composed various journalistic program series for the public broadcaster, ranging from the biographies program “Profiel” and the annual “Feeling of the Four Days Marches” to the recent “Fons bij de Buren” (2017), a quest for the soul of neighboring European countries.  

Maria Nemtsova - piano
Vitaly Vatulya - saxophone

Vadim Neselovskyi 

“San Felio” for saxophone and piano

Takashi Yoshimatsu 

“Cyber Bird concerto” for saxophone and piano 


San Felio became a hidden gem for Ukrainian composer, improviser and a great pianist Vadim Neselovskyi. He discovered it during one of his trips, a small town near Barcelona, full of nature, sun and summer vibes. He fall in love with it so much that he wrote a piece-dedication to such free, joyful and sunny place. 


Japanese composer wrote his “Cyber Bird” concerto for saxophone, piano, percussions and an orchestra at the end of the 20th century. This is quite an unusual mix of sounds and scenes of nature, minimal features, jazz harmonies and classical form. Concerto consists of three movements:  

- Bird in colours

- Bird in grievance

- Bird in winds 

It is a dedication to his early passed away sister which he believed became a bird.

2:15 pm
BOHO4 - string quartet
Visions at Sea

In this eclectic program, boho4 takes you on a journey of encounter, discovery and reflection.
Throughout our history, we as humans have been fascinated
by the pull of the sea. She gave us a feel for it
wonder and adventure, she fed our economic interests, and them
confronted us with the devastating consequences of our actions.
Joe Hisaishi's colorful and deeply moving String Quartet No. 1
plays the role of the sea in this programme. This is told in four parts
quartet the story of our interaction with, and impact on, the
oceans. The selections of Ravel, Schubert, Henderickx, Debussy and
Vaughan Williams, serve as our personal contemplations on the
consequences of our actions, with the aim of prompting us to take action
undertake to preserve the beauty and riches of our lifeblood
planet to protect.

  • Joe Hisaishi, 'Encounter' - part 1 from String Quartet No. 1

  • Maurice Ravel, 'Allegro moderato - Très doux' from the String Quartet in F major

  • Joe Hisaishi, 'Phosphorescent Sea' - part 2 from String Quartet No. 1

  • Franz Schubert, 'Scherzo. Allegro molto' from the String Quartet No. 14 in D minor "Der Tod und das Mädchen"

  • Wim Henderickx, 'Piu lento' - part 2 from In Deep Silence

  • Joe Hisaishi, 'Metamorphosis' - part 3 from String Quartet No. 1

  • Claude Debussy, 'Andantino, doucement espressif' from the String Quartet in G minor

  • Joe Hisaishi, 'Other World' - part 4 from String Quartet No. 1

  • Ralph Vaughan Williams, 'Epilogue' from String Quartet No. 2 in la minor

Music Catwalk: Ode to Seasons by Vivaldi & Fashion Show
Hratchja Couture
Lumen Napolov-3.png

The Dutch fashion designer of Armenian descent

- Hratchja Howhanissian, presents a fashion show with music during Festival Groeneveld in collaboration with designer milliner Herma Dejong.

Hratchja: I was born in 1985 in the former Soviet Union. 

In 1993, my family immigrated to the Netherlands in the hope of a better future. Growing up, I always had artistic interests from creating my dance group at a young age to drawing theatrical designs.  I soon discovered my passion for fashion replaced activities, which included designing my work, my extreme interest in the history of fashion throughout the years, and most importantly, my admiration for Haute Couture.  I feel strongly positive about my ability to contribute to the fashion industry.

Fashion show choreography by the legendary Bertie & Bas van Avezaath

Vivaldi 4 Seasons

Anastasia Kozlova - violin

Libero Ensemble

4:15 pm
2:15 pm
The Metropole Orchestra Cellos

The Metropole Orkest Cellos – combine a broad musical taste and knowledge with a good dose of creativity and improvisation. In the tradition of the Metropole Orkest, the cello group has a versatile sound. 


In this concert you will experience that apparently irreconcilable music styles can form a beautiful and surprising program together. The MO Cellos effortlessly mix Nirvana's grunge with tango elements and switch from rhythmic soul music to sensitive ballads. As specialists in crossover, they play pop classics as well as jazz and world music. In their hands, the cello is more than a bowed instrument. In self-written arrangements they let their cellos sing like a trumpet, grind like an electric guitar and groove like a drum set.

The history of the creation of the Metropole Orkest Cellos as an independent group within the world-famous orchestra is a special story. Joel Siepmann would play his first concerts in March 2020 as the addition of the orchestra. When those concerts were cancelled, the rest of the group decided to send a musical welcome from home in a fun way. It was the impetus for an unstoppable creative exchange between the four cellists. In order to be able to work on their sound despite the lockdown, they played self-written cello arrangements of pearls from the Metropole repertoire and their own favorite pop songs. And when the first concerts for a limited audience were carefully organized again, the Metropole Orkest Cellos acted as ambassadors for the orchestra. The cello group even recorded a CD in 2021. 'Metrocelli' contains a special mix of classics from dance, pop and light classical music. From Dolf van der Linden to Nirvana.

Joel Siepmann, Emile Visser, Annie Tångberg and Jascha Albracht
4:15 pm
5:00 PM

The Rotterdam collective Coal Harbor is launching a new multimedia project: FEEDFORWARD. In this modern fairytale, music and image merge to tell a story of greed, prosperity and the consequences of the endless pursuit of growth.

FEEDFORWARD tells the story of a prehistoric tribe living a quiet life until one of them discovers a tree with irresistible fruit. During the concerts, this musical fairytale will be visualized by animations by the collective Knetterijs with the cooperation of Tsjisse Talsma, who previously made illustrations for the New York Times and Washington Post, among others, and Sarah Pannekoek.

Merel Junge - viola

Hadewijch Hofland – violin

Yanna Pelser – viola

Thomas van Geelen – cello

Tom Ridderbeekx – trumpet

Yoran Aarssen – clarinet and saxophone

Federico Calcagno – (bass) clarinet

Romain Bly – horn, euphonium  en trumpet

Robert Koemans – piano and composition

Thomas Pol – double bass

Willem Romers – drums

Exhibitions & Art Market
Fashion photographer Hans Mooijer
Hans Mooijer.jpeg
Artist Louise Ellen van Gorkom
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