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Celebrate life with the roaring twenties!

Two days of classical music, jazz, dance,

couture, art and last but not least food trucks!

Now that we are slowly getting back to normal life, we really see what we have been doing all alonghave missed.

That's why it's high time to meet again. Enjoying the most beautiful classical music together.

Dancing together to the rhythm of exciting jazz.

Eating and drinking together.

It reminds us of the Roaring Twenties; the theme of this special edition of Festival Groeneveld.

More than 40 musicians, artists and chefs are looking forward more than ever to making it an unforgettable festival.

We celebrate the festival of the cultural renaissance exuberantly, but still responsibly.

Come to Groeneveld Castle on 4 and 5 September!

Because we follow the guidelines of the government and the RIVM, there is room for a limited number of visitors. That is why it is wise not to wait too long before ordering your tickets.

In case of rain we have a roof outside. 


The festival will be decorated Coronaproof. We have not set the rules, but conform to the guidelines of the government and theRIVM.  That means we (as per the latest statement dated Aug 13, 2021) are asking you for a 

negative test result, proof of vaccination or proof that you have recovered from corona. You can demonstrate this with the CoronaCheck. Children under the age of 13 do not need to be tested.

Other frequently asked questions can be found under the information button.

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Festival  Groeneveld is made possible in part by:

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