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Various exhibitions can be seen at Groeneveld Castle, including a children's exhibition and there is a children's attic.

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, Festival Groeneveld holds its own presentations and exhibitions.

Huydecoper room
Martine BRAND.png
Martine Brand collections

Martine Brand , studied at the Institute for Fashion and Design and the Art Academy in Amsterdam, The Hague and Antwerp. 

After her education she focused on fashion illustration and worked as an illustrator of children's books for publishers such as Kluitman, Harper Collins, Casterman and Penguin books.

It was the Swiss photographer Bruno Bisang who discovered her talent for fashion illustration. In just two years, Martine Brand managed to occupy a unique position in the fashion world.

She is often compared to the famous illustrator René Gruau. Her illustrations have been published worldwide in prestigious magazines such as Vogue, L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Bolero, L'Uomo Vogue, Elegance, Linda Magazine, Jan Magazine, Residence and Avant Garde.

She also works for major fashion houses such as Dior, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Piaget, Chopard, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, YSL, Dolce and Gabbana,  Prada, Maison Fabre, Ferrari, Sylivia Toledano Guerlain, Guerlain, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Elie Saab, Guerlain, Cartier, Tom Ford, Balenciaga, Balmain, Walt Disney and Martini.

Martine made illustrations of Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbel, Carla Bruni, Helena Christensen, Scarlet Johansson, Linda Evangalista, Yasmeen Ghaury and others.

Martine Brand's classic master paintings are oil on panel. Martine uses the chiaroscuro, the lighting technique from the 16th century and the technique of that time. Her subjects are often inspired by strong women wearing the latest fashions or from the catwalk and jewelry of the great fashion designers. Although Martine successfully graduated from both the Fashion Academy and the Art Academy, she learned this classic technique from her grandmother Loeki Kleijn, who has painting in her blood, a relative of the well-known Dutch landscape painter Johannes Kleijn, a pupil of Andreas Schelfhout.


Martine's paintings have been shown at the Grand Palais Paris, the Constantine Palace in Saint Petersburg, Art Monaco, an illustrated portrait at Art Dubai with the art curator Sheikha Lulu Al-Sabah, at the Pierre Cardin Museum, the Arts Décoratifs Le Louvre, Art Cologne , Fine Art Cologne, Art Rai, Art Rotterdam, Pan Amsterdam, Luxebeurs Amsterdam, Art Miami, Contemporary Art Fair North Sea Jazz Singer Museum Laren.


Together with art curator Jean-Christophe Amman. Banks such as UBS Bank and ABN AMRO collect her work. Martine is currently working on a Royal show at Soestdijk Palace entitled “ROYALS IN FASHION” with Her Majesty the Queen Duchess Maxima.


Martine was nominated for the Federal International Culture Price Française prize for her oil painting. Collectors around the world contact her for portrait commissions. Art collectors, art conservators, dignitaries, sheikhs or members of the Royal Family are among her clients and collect her oil paintings as well as her fashion illustrations. Martine painted prestigious interiors for private clients all over the world.

Martine Brand works as editor-at-large for L'Officiel Italia and has also been publishing the “bookazine” 'COLLECTIONS BY MARTINE BRAND' every two years since 2011, in partnership with Michel Haddi Studio. Art, fashion and poetry come together in 'COLLECTIONS BY MARTINE BRAND'.

Martine's artworks and illustrations can be seen at Groeneveld Castle.

Mamouchet room
Sepehr Maghsoudi Couture Exhibition 
Saturday - fashion show; Sunday - exhibition

The Dutch fashion designer of Persian descent - Sepehr Maghsoudi, presents his collections haute couture and

ready-to-wear during Festival Groeneveld. 

Sepehr Maghsoudi is a rising star in the fashion world. 

As a twelve-year-old boy, he came to the Netherlands from Persia, full of ambitions and desires. Now, 26 years later, couturier Sepehr Maghsoudi is widely appreciated for his achievements in the fashion world and he even received a ribbon for this in April. 

Hasselaer room
Robert van den Broek
expo & children's workshop
Rob foto.png

Rob van den Broek is a musical instrument artist.


He makes non-existent fantasy instruments, and they sound great too!

Many famous contemporary composers have written works for these instruments, and many well-known musicians have performed with them in the greatest halls of the world.

As a visual artist, Rob is guided by the curiosity-driven search for the limits of materials and the tension that the materials can handle and generate. His method is experimenting with material and form, constantly reacting to what arises and what develops. 

Rob is making an exhibition and a presentation especially for Festival Groeneveld. 

Kids beware! Join Rob on a journey of discovery to create his own fantasy instrument in his studio at the Castle.

Video exhibition - online performances by artists from different parts of the world. 

Due to the Corona pandemic and the lockdowns, musicians could not perform for months, let alone see each other.

We got to know each other while taking the BYOM (Be Your Own Manager - Bernhard Kerres) online course, especially for musicians. Not only did friendships arise, but also special ideas, such as setting up a new online music festival - Nextus.

In collaboration with artists from the Nextus festival, we present a video exhibition of performances recorded in times of lockdown by young musicians from different parts of the world.

Video artists

Dana Eleni

Anglo-Greek Lyric Soprano Danae Eleni is an ambassador for contemporary music and music education, recently working with composition students at Yale-NUS Singapore and in Mostar, Bosnia for English Pocket Opera Company.


Kamilla Arku
Patrick Hamm

Since her recital debut in the St. Martin's-in-the-Fields' renowned 'Pianists of the World' series, Norwegian-Liberian pianist Kamilla Arku has performed as a soloist and chamber musician at festivals and recitals across the world._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

In Dream a Little Dream, pianist Kamilla Arku and filmmaker Patrick Hamm join forces to create a vivid rumination on the mysteries of the night. The duo interweaves music and film; improvisation and established repertoire; fantasy and fiction


Caitlin Berger

Caitlin Berger is a Montreal-based flautist and flute teacher who primarily enjoys performing in solo and chamber recitals.


Heike Matthiesen

Charismatic stage presence, effortless virtuosity and intelligent programmer – Heike Matthiesen is a unique performer who bewitches her audiences all around the world.


Birce Polat

The Turkish pianist Birce Polat is the personification of a “Renaissance Soul”. A unique classical musician accompanied by a pinch of scholarly ambition – staging monographic performances illuminated with handcrafted keynote speeches.


Bogatay Koprulu

Bogatay Köprülü is a multi-faceted musician, concert-giving composer, creating orchestral, solo and chamber music. “…his award-winning Piano Concerto is a work of superior quality…” – Concert Pianist Gülsin Onay. Bogatay is a passionate musician who is questing after true knowledge regarding ancient roots of harmony.


Erika Cedeno

Erika Cedeño and Hermann Valdez, Venezuelan violinist and Mexican pianist, have performed throughout their careers in various important concert halls and music festivals in Germany, Europe and Latin America. 


Sofia Livotov

Praised for her velvet timbre, soprano Sofia Livotov is a versatile artist, equally at ease in opera, art-song, and contemporary music. Based in London, Sofia has performed at international venues, such as Tonhalle Zurich, Tête à Tête Festival, TivoliVredenburg and has made in 2019 her successful appearance on the Indonesian concert stage in Jakarta.


Izabela Jutrzenka-Trzebiatowska

Polish pianist Izabela Jutrzenka-Trzebiatowska is best known for salon music interpretation and her recent album „Chopin”. As a pianist and researcher her main focus is music of the 19th century. 


Adriana Paler

Her talent, originality and determination led Transylvanian-born pianist Adriana Paler from a small mountain village to the world capital of music, Vienna. Her fascinating stage presence, raw passion, artistic depth and brilliant sound brought her 27 competition prizes and she has dazzled audiences and critics worldwide. 


Elisabeth Most

Born in Austria Elisabeth Möst has performed in Europe, USA and South America both as soloist and chamber musician. For 20 years she has promoted music by female composers within conventional flute programmes. 


Olga Rodon 

The Spanish recorder player Olga Rodon is dedicated to reaching out to the audience and expanding the repertoire for period ensembles. Passionate about exploring and sharing the folk roots of early music, Olga has performed with her ensembles in many early music festivals and concert series across Spain and Germany. 


Adriana Paler

Natalia Williams-Wandoch lives in the Fenland area of Cambridgeshire, UK, where she moved after graduation from the Royal Academy of Music in London. She is a dual Polish-British citizen and grew up in Poland on the music of Chopin and JS Bach from an early age. 

Her highly acclaimed debut album was released in 2019 and contains world premiere recordings of solo piano music by the 20th-Century English composer Sir Arnold Bax.

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