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Mr Van Walsh is a somewhat misguided and erudite observer of the world around him. He thinks he is a smart, well-dressed and aristocratic "uomo universale". All he desires is a luxurious life full of beauty and a stuffed zebra for his study. He seems a bit strange, but his taste in music is simply sublime, he says.

He devoted half his life to the secrets of the cello. He uses the other half to learn languages, conduct records and play to get people to dance to, for example, the Classical Music Rave of which he is the creative producer. He does not like thinking in boxes and limitations. An advocate of the indie-classical movement, he finds his core in classical music, but ignores the boundaries between genres and seeks unforgettable experiences together with the audience.


Performances that Mr. Van Walsh likes to brag about have taken place at Sao Paulo's Red Bull Station, Rc4 Festival in Rio de Janeiro, Havana Classical Rave in Cuba,Club Showcase of the international music conference Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam and much more.

Get in the mood with Mr van Walsh's Morning Rave!

Saturday 11am-11:30am
Morning Rave
DJ MR van Walsh
Saturday 11:45-12:45
Moving Art
Club Classic
Rockwell - Perkinson - horizontaal (1).JPG

Enchanted by the most beautiful melodies, paintings slowly move, the characters suddenly step out of their frames after a centuries-long lockdown. You would almost think that a new Harry Potter book is out. But no, it's Club Classique,


With a brand new performance in which nothing is what it seems and everything is possible. An angel suddenly starts singing in her frame and turns out to be an opera diva. Bathing water nymphs step soaking wet, right off the canvas. In Moving Art, the boundaries between what is real and what is not are blurred. Is it a painting or a movie? Is the string quartet playing live there or is it a soundtrack? Where does the dream end and reality begin? Music, paintings and film merge seamlessly. And whether it is Rothko that makes your heart beat faster or Waterhouse, there is something for everyone and even Rembrandt never came out better. Sultry flute melodies, melancholy strings, a dreamy Debussy and the fierce reality of Shostakovich. You will be effortlessly transported to the magical world behind the paintings. 

Cellist Leonard Besseling and violinist Myrthe Helder form the beating heart of Club Classique and connect the films, paintings and music with each other in a narrative way. They have joined forces with filmmaker Gijs Besseling; a cinematographic jack-of-all-trades with which they have stretched genres before. The result is an entirely new experience for all senses.

Saturday 12:45-13:15
Future instruments

Rob van den Broek is a musical instrument artist.


He makes non-existent fantasy instruments, and they sound great too!

Many famous contemporary composers have written works for these instruments, and many well-known musicians have performed with them in the greatest halls of the world.

As a visual artist, Rob is guided by the curiosity-driven search for the limits of materials and the tension that the materials can handle and generate. His method is experimenting with material and form, constantly reacting to what arises and what develops. 

Rob is making an exhibition and a presentation especially for Festival Groeneveld. 

Kids beware! Join Rob on a journey of discovery to create his own fantasy instrument in his studio at the Castle.

Rob van den Broek & musicians
Maya Fridman - cello
Anastasia Kozlova - violin
Anna Fedorova - piano
Saturday 13:15-14:15
Roaring Twenties Elegy

A program with enchantingly beautiful works by Rachmaninov, Grieg, Suk, Krein, Scriabin and more.

Around the 'roaring twenties' the music style changed and brought it closer to the present. It was the time when electricity, the cinema, the airplane, and cars made their appearance for the masses. Women were also given more emancipation, partly through the right to vote. Jazz arose and new forms of dance and painting also emerged. It was the era of experiment, daring and freedom.

The environment changed and so did the sounds that the composers perceived. Both music and art underwent a new development, one that opened doors to the possibilities in which we live today.

Elegy - melancholic poem - as a longing through nostalgia for the future.

In this program we enter into new musical relationships, take the listener on a journey beginning in the year 1878, and explore the changes of romanticism in music.

Fedorova, Fridman and Kozlova perform together for the first time en created this program especially for Festival Groeneveld.

Saturday 14:15-14:45
Music Catwalk: Fashion Show
Sepehr Maghsoudi

The Dutch fashion designer of Persian descent

- Sepehr Maghsoudi, presents a fashion show with music during Festival Groeneveld. 

Sepehr Maghsoudi is a rising star in the fashion world. 

As a twelve-year-old boy, he came to the Netherlands from Persia, full of ambitions and desires. Now, 26 years later, couturier Sepehr Maghsoudi is widely appreciated for his achievements in the fashion world and he even received a ribbon for this in April. 

Saturday 15:45-16:45
With Love from Russia
Henk Neven - baritone
Bastiaan Neven - cello
Hans Eijkers - piano

A baritone that sounds like a cello, a cello that sings, a pianist that speaks Russian on his instrument... We, Henk Neven, Jan Bastiaan Neven and Hans Eijsackers, two brothers and a brother in music, share our passion in our program "From Russia with love". A program of romantic Russian songs for baritone, cello and piano. Some songs were originally composed for this line-up by Borodin, Glinka, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky. We play the other songs in our own arrangements.

Saturday 15:00-15:45
Workshop Lindy Hop

This dance dates back to the 1920s, but it's hot again. Young and old are inspired by this Afro-American dance, which originated in New York in the late 1920s. 

It is a composition of many dance styles, with jazz dance, tap dance and the charlston having the most influence. 

Feet off the floor! For young and old!

Swing in Utrecht
Saturday 17:00-18:00
Tony's Swing Unit.png
Tony Overwater's Swing Unit
Tony Overwater - double bass
Rembrandt Frerichs - piano
Angelo Verploegen - trumpet
Joost Buis - trombone
Vincent Planjer - drums
Maarten Ornstein - clarinet

The 1920s and 1930s were the birthplace of Jazz and the development of swing bands. Duke Ellington, Bob Crosby and the Bobcats, The original Dixieland Jass Band, to name but a few, have glorified and left behind a wonderful repertoire.

Tony Overwater collected celebrities from the Dutch Jazz scene especially for this occasion and put together his own ensemble that plays pieces from the swing and Dixieland repertoire, but with a contemporary twist. 

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